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  • This web site will be closed from the evening of December 20th to 22nd due to maintenance.
    [Dec 19, 2007]
  • Updates of the Arctic Sea-Ice Monitor will be temporarily stopped on November 16th and 17th.
    [Nov 15, 2007]
  • This web site reopened on July 30th.
    [Jul 31, 2007]
  • We would like to inform you that this web site will be closed from July 27th to 29th due to an electrical power outage.
    [Jul 26, 2007]
  • The server maintenance of the IJIS Web Site was completed on June 25th.
    [Jun 28, 2007]

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IJIS newsletter "Kyokko"

We put out a newsletter on occasion, which covers a range of topics related to the IJIS and arctic researches. Contents and the PDF file of the latest issue are presented below. "Kyokko" means aurora borealis, incidentally.

No. 9 [March 2009]

No. 9 Cover
  1. IARC-JAXA Hakodate Meeting
  2. Researchers' Highlights (1) - Hiroki Iwata
  3. Researchers' Highlights (2) - Tomoyuki Wada
  4. Researchers' Highlights (3) - Makoto Kobayashi
  5. Expansion of Wild Fire Monitor
  6. Introducing IJIS Support Team
  7. Appendices 1 & 2

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